Dev Update

The Eccoind development team has submitted the changelog for the next proposed release of Eccoind — As the community is aware, this is the update that will result in the completion of ANS in Sapphire, but there are a couple of other interesting tidbits to be found in the changelog that are worth mentioning below.

  1. Enable the test suite, start writing ECC specific tests.
See that Circular Part? We’ve never had that before. Source

Marketing Update

The ANS video is now complete, and Video4Commerce did a fantastic job as usual with the production. Originally we promised an “in-your-face” style of video; however, our original music selection choice fell through due to an unexpectedly massive required royalty payment. As a result, we had to tone down the nature of the video a bit.

The Bull Pen Podcast

A lot of great things have been happening with the The Bull Pen Podcast since it’s launch on August 21st such as positive feedback, statistics and collaborations with other successful companies and projects within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The Crypto Bully, @MrCryptoCarlton, can’t speak much on it at the moment, but be on the lookout in the next ECC stand-up article for some awesome news and insight into exactly how well things have been going or you can join their Discord to find out things a little bit earlier. ;)

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