Happy New Year From ECC

4 min readDec 31, 2018


from the ECC Team

Happy New Year $ECC holder. What a year!

If you had asked me where crypto prices would be today all the way back on January 1st, 2018, I’d have said Bitcoin will likely be north of $50k and ECC would surely be at least 1 cent by now. Hard to not be a little embarrassed.

And this would have been my conservative guess.

In my euphoric optimism, I felt it plausible that Bitcoin could be nearly $100k and ECC, crypto’s hidden gem, may be north of 10 cents.

That’s how much I believed! And I dare say some of you may have thought the same. We talked about it in Slack.

Well, it didn’t happen that way. But something else did.

In a year of anxiety, border closings, and geopolitical fear mongering, a community of people from around the world put our many differences aside and joined together. We worked. We talked. We struggled. And we shared our fears, hopes and dreams with each other.

This year may not have seen the gains many hoped for (not even close), but we learned a lot about this community’s grit. In a year where nearly 60% of hot, over funded ICOs went bankrupt, ECC continues trucking along with GitHub commit after GitHub commit, like clockwork.

In the back of our minds, we all knew crypto was really a tech marathon anyway. The sprinter runs out of gas in the first mile. The marathon runner paces themselves and finishes the race. Nothing great and lasting happens over night. When crypto finally becomes the world’s primary currency we’ll still be here.

What will we be? What services will be in place? How many sats will we be worth? Will “sats” even still be a term people use?

Well, that’s the mysterious crypto ride we all signed up for when we bought in.

In the meantime, I’m incredibly grateful for the thousands of hours community members put into ECC in 2018. And I’m just as grateful for the cool people I’ve gotten the chance to meet and collaborate with. People like you. Here’s to this community!

- Kevin (@ECCBuddha)

And here is a recap of ECC’s accomplishments for 2018:

  • ECC re-branded with a new look.
  • ECC’s new website was launched.
  • The ECC Development and Marketing Team expanded welcoming many new members.
  • Publishing our bi-weekly Medium updates (we have been doing them since Q1 and haven’t missed any).
  • Our awesome ECC video made it’s debut, detailing our vision for the future.
  • 3 additional exchanges were made available to ECC investors/traders.
  • Our new GUI wallet, Sapphire, was released.
  • Sapphire’s Thunderclap reached over 11.5 million people across social media.
  • ECC was published in 2 of Brazil’s major news outlets, Exame and Gazeta do Povo.
  • ANS was made functional via command console.
  • Multi-chain proof of concept testing was successfully ran and completed.
  • Over 2 million blocks verified on the ECC blockchain.
  • Merch was made available for anyone to purchase in support of ECC.
  • The Bull Pen Podcast (powered by ECC) was launched.
  • The ECC Foundation was been established in the Netherlands.

Each accomplishment on this list was done purely by volunteers driven by their passion for the project, and each one individually took tens to hundreds of man hours of work to complete.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Despite it being a holiday break for many, development has continued along for the past two weeks.

As mentioned in the Christmas poem in the last update, Cryptobridge found a small bug in the code for version of the eccoin daemon. The dev team has fixed the bug and version is now undergoing testing prior to being sent out to the exchanges again.

Sapphire is coming along as well. It appears that Nick and Dylan don’t know the meaning of the word “holidays” as we count 16 commits on the sapphire github repo since the last medium update. You can see these commits here.

As the new year approaches rest assured that ECC doesn’t plan on going anywhere. We will continue to develop and support our amazing community. See everyone in the next update and in the new year!

Brent (@Mr. Plow) and Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton)

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