Happy New Year From ECC

Happy New Year $ECC holder. What a year!

If you had asked me where crypto prices would be today all the way back on January 1st, 2018, I’d have said Bitcoin will likely be north of $50k and ECC would surely be at least 1 cent by now. Hard to not be a little embarrassed.

- Kevin (@ECCBuddha)

And here is a recap of ECC’s accomplishments for 2018:

  • ECC re-branded with a new look.
  • ECC’s new website was launched.
  • The ECC Development and Marketing Team expanded welcoming many new members.
  • Publishing our bi-weekly Medium updates (we have been doing them since Q1 and haven’t missed any).
  • Our awesome ECC video made it’s debut, detailing our vision for the future.
  • 3 additional exchanges were made available to ECC investors/traders.
  • Our new GUI wallet, Sapphire, was released.
  • Sapphire’s Thunderclap reached over 11.5 million people across social media.
  • ECC was published in 2 of Brazil’s major news outlets, Exame and Gazeta do Povo.
  • ANS was made functional via command console.
  • Multi-chain proof of concept testing was successfully ran and completed.
  • Over 2 million blocks verified on the ECC blockchain.
  • Merch was made available for anyone to purchase in support of ECC.
  • The Bull Pen Podcast (powered by ECC) was launched.
  • The ECC Foundation was been established in the Netherlands.

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