Moving In The Right Direction

Dev Update

We can’t go through with this dev update without talking about the announcement from Griffith made earlier on this week. Here it is in full:

So… about this fork.

Questions come up all the time about what happens to your ECC coins during a fork, what happens if you do not update, etc. Let’s address these now.

“Your Keys, Your Bitcoin. Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin.”

Same goes for ECC. Anything can happen with exchanges.

Marketing Update

We want to give a big thanks to Blackbeard for conducting a written interview with the ECC Team. This interview addresses what we all believe are great question that provide insight into what ECC is about and our plans moving forward.

ECC is up NEXT (Exchange)

Announced officially inside of a Medium progress update from NEXT.Exchange earlier last week, ECC is integrated into the platform. To further explain what being “integrated” means:

The Fresh Prince of Crypto Podcast

Will Smith dancing in an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Launching episodes of The Bull Pen Podcast
The Bull Pen Podcast in the “Hot Videos” section of DTube’s website homepage.

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