On The Horizon

Patience is not simply the ability to wait — it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. — Joyce Meyer

Dev Update

The current release, as I’m sure many of you have already seen, is version The exchanges have, but it’s not yet available to everyone else. Most people are currently running version 2.5.11.

  • extra security features (on by default) added to RPC
  • some socket features work which makes the UI’s perform better
  • service related identifiers for which management recommendations/instructions/general information will be posted later on. — — node identifier — — routing identifier
  • ability to search for a node on the network via its identifier
  • a change to a more higher performing hashing algorithm (SHA56 most likely)
  • RPC calls to manage new features and identifiers and such
  • some other technical stuff including dependency, documentation, and configuration updates
  • minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Sapphire Is Looking Great

Dylan (@Dolaned) and Nick (@zuc0001) have continued their awesome work on the Sapphire repo. Here are a couple of unpublished screenshots of the new Sapphire that you haven’t seen in Discord yet (note that these are not yet official).

Sapphire theme (color scheme) options.
Sapphire’s overview (color scheme of the light theme).

Marketing Update

Glenn (@Breakingdead) has a call this week to finalize ECC being added to Blockfolio Signal. This is similar to our listing on Delta Direct, but Blockfolio Signal has a much larger reach.

A graphic detailing the reach of Blockfolio compared to other leading cryptocurrency portfolio apps.

ECC Coins

Community member @Cisco recently had 500 physical ECC coins produced that he has offered for sale. Check them out:

Front of physical ECC coin.
Back of physical ECC coin.

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