Transformation In Progress

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” — Coco Chanel

Hello ECC community — it’s been awhile.

So, what’s the next step?

Dev Update

AODV (Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing) determines the most efficient path for information to flow through nodes in a totally decentralized manner. ECC’s Messaging and File Storage are now being built upon two decentralized technologies — blockchain and AODV. No data itself is sent through AODV. AODV just determines the most efficient routes for node-to-node communication. This way messages and files could be stored/sent without compromising the speed of the financial chain. AODV protocol is currently in dev testing and will be issued in a later release. This solution solves the scaling issues with the multi-chain discussed above.

ECC Daemon Update

An updated version of the full node wallet daemon (eccoind) which runs behind Sapphire has just been pushed to the master branch of the ECC GitHub this morning and will soon be compiled for release. This version,, has a few new minor features, a lot of performance improvements, some bug fixes, and greatly increased test coverage. This is an optional but recommended upgrade.

ECC & Electrum

We are also pleased to announce that ECC now has a light wallet, based on the famous electrum protocol!

Screenshot of test transactions ran for Electrum-ECC wallet
Screenshots of Electrum Android ECC wallet

Sapphire Update

Dylan (@Dolaned) and Nick (@zuc0001) continue to make gains on the Sapphire rewrite. You can see a list of the latest commits here. Dylan finished off a huge commit just this morning to help clean up the daemon connections in Sapphire. Sapphire also now has a proper auto-updater in it which will notify you as soon as a released is pushed.

Screenshot showing that Sapphire now shows daemon connectivity

Marketing Update

Exchange Listing

We have a new exchange listing to announce… ECC is soon to be listed on!

Txbit Logo

ECC + Brave Browser

We have integrated with Brave as a rewards participant. This means Brave Browser users will now be able to leave tips in the form of BAT Tokens which will go towards supporting the development of ECC via the Growth Fund. To make it even easier you can enable auto-contribute within your rewards dashboard.

A little about Brave

Brave is a web browser project headed by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of the JavaScript programming language. What sets Brave apart is its aggressive anti-ad attitude. The browser was built to strip online ads from websites and its maker’s business model relies not only on ad blocking but on replacing the scratched-out ads with advertisements from its own network.

ECC Joins CoinGecko Beam

Click on image to see Beam updates

The Bull Pen Podcast

Everything in the podcast world is going great from both a content and stats perspective. Amazing guests and increasing downloads and streams seem to be a part of the norm for the podcast and we couldn’t be happier.

Latest Episodes

In Episode 33 of The Bull Pen Podcast (part 1 of a 2-part series) The Crypto Bully steps into the Bull Pen with Morgan Steckler who is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of iTrustCapital. As Morgan hops onto the call Lyndon expects for things to be “business-as-usual” in comparison how his podcast conversations generally go, but that was in NO WAY how things panned out. Completely unexpected, Morgan starts to go into detail on the things that took place on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, and caught Lyndon by complete surprise hearing that Morgan was, unfortunately, sim swapped and then swatted. These happening along with why Morgan believed they took place points out a frightening yet important reality on being involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that is sometimes overlooked.

Click to listen to Episode 33 with Morgan Steckler
Click image to be redirected to Block Society’s website

Late Night Crypto Chat with theCrypto Legends

The Crypto Bully, aside from cranking out episodes for The Bull Pen Podcast, also is co-owner of a private blockchain and cryptocurrency community on Facebook known as Crypto Legends.

Click image to be redirected to Crypto Legends YouTube Channel

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