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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. — Warren Buffett

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency’s current bear market and the price of many coins/tokens being 80% or more down since January 2018’s highs it seems like most people are overly focused on price. Some even believe that a low price point alone signifies the “death” of any particular cryptocurrency. Fortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Dev Update

For ECC, staking nodes are essential in ensuring that transactions will be verified within a timely matter which keeps our blockchain moving forward. No nodes = no verified transactions, which I’m sure everyone could agree wouldn’t be a good thing.

Marketing Update

ECC + Blockfolio

Physical ECC Coins Available

Community member @Cisco had 500 physical ECC coins produced a few weeks ago that he has offered for sale.

CoinDesk Insider

This past week Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton) had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing guest who is currently a tech writer for the well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk.

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