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5 min readJan 28, 2019

from the ECC Team

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. — Warren Buffett

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency’s current bear market and the price of many coins/tokens being 80% or more down since January 2018’s highs it seems like most people are overly focused on price. Some even believe that a low price point alone signifies the “death” of any particular cryptocurrency. Fortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The true life and death of a cryptocurrency, while influenced minimally by price, is more vastly contributed to development. Want to really know if a cryptocurrency project is dead? Take a peep at their GitHub activity. ECC’s GitHub, for example, has had 42 commits over the past 4 weeks within the Eccoin and Sapphire repositories and more on the way.

The important thing to remember is that no matter the price of a particular coin or token, if consistent development can be seen then that project is still very much alive. Plus, we have to remember that the name of the game is “real world use” and not just digital currencies to trade as an instrument for profit/loss.

Now let’s see what ECC has been up to!

Dev Update

For ECC, staking nodes are essential in ensuring that transactions will be verified within a timely matter which keeps our blockchain moving forward. No nodes = no verified transactions, which I’m sure everyone could agree wouldn’t be a good thing.

To ensure that the ECC blockchain is always moving and transactions are being verified, the whole dev team has taken it upon themselves to run cloud hosted staking nodes to improve the health and security of the ECC network.

A big thanks to them for making this decision!

@Altj also did some docker improvements that will be soon added to the repository by @Griff. This is important because the docker is what makes it easy for someone to run a node on the ECC network. Which also makes testing easier. This improvement is only for the daemon, which does contain wallet functionality, but there is no GUI included in it. You can also expect automated docker builds to be created for future releases.

Marketing Update

ECC + Blockfolio

We are happy to announce that ECC is now a part of Blockfolio Signal! This is another great cryptocurrency portfolio platform that the community can use to stay up-to-date with the latest news, releases and updates regarding the project.

This also gives ECC the opportunity to gain more exposure due to the reach of Blockfolio. Not only is their platform used by more mobile users than the 4 other leading cryptocurrency portfolio platforms combined (see image below), but currently ECC has more than 10,000 Blockfolio users ready to receive our push notifications.

Let’s also shed light on the fact that this was no easy feat. This was a process that took a total of 6 months from application to going live to accomplish. Not to mention, ECC was 1 out of only 300 cryptocurrencies that were selected to participate in Blockfolio Signal Beta. Kudos to the whole ECC Team and especially Glenn (@BreakingDead) for making this possible.

Feel free to learn more about Blockfolio Signal here.

Physical ECC Coins Available

Community member @Cisco had 500 physical ECC coins produced a few weeks ago that he has offered for sale.

The coins are for sale for 100,000 ECC apiece (That’s about $11 USD at today’s prices). This includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

All of the ECC from the first 300 of the 500 coins minted will be donated to either the ECC dev fund (once they are merged into one fund) or to The ECC Foundation — buyer’s choice. If you live outside of the U.S. please work out the cost with @Cisco directly as shipping costs will be significantly higher.

Please contact @Cisco on Discord or Telegram if you are interested in ordering a coin and helping ECC grow. Thank you for all of your support!

CoinDesk Insider

This past week Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton) had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing guest who is currently a tech writer for the well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency news site CoinDesk.

Leigh Cuen gave some great insight into what it’s like being a blockchain/cryptocurrency tech writer in comparison to her previous tech writing experiences, as well as some thought provoking words on just how empowering cryptocurrency can be.

Be sure to look out for this episode which will be released this Tuesday, January 29th, and in case you need a good listen to hold you over until then check out Didi Taihuttu of The Bitcoin Family’s interview by clicking the image below. They sold everything including their house and bought Bitcoin!

Everyone have a great and productive next 2 weeks!

Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton)

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